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5 Pawsome Jeep Seat Covers for Dog Hairs

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If you’re looking for the Best jeep seat covers for dog hair, look no further! We’ve found the 5 best jeep seat covers for dog hair that are waterproof and easy to clean.

When you take your dog on a journey in the car, there is a good chance that there will be hair, wet paws, and other types of general mess. A seat cover may protect the inside of your vehicle from this kind of a mess.

There are covers that just cover the seat, and there are others that operate similar to a hammock and protect not only the seat but also the rear end of the front seats. Some just cover one bucket seat or part of the rear seat of the vehicle. The fact that they are waterproof and simple to clean up are two of their most notable qualities.

What to Watch for in a Cover for Your Dog’s Seat  Or a Bench, If You Prefer

There are coverings that just protect the rear seat and possibly the sides of the vehicle, while others function similarly to a hammock and even safeguard the arses of the front seats. There are certain coverings that are convertible and can be used in either direction. A hammock is probably the best option to go with if you are concerned about muck and hair flying everywhere. Take into consideration, however, that it could vary on your dog.

If your dog is very energetic and keen on spending time with you, the hammock can prove to be a difficult obstacle for him to clear. Because of this, it is important to make sure that your canine companion is properly secured in the automobile at all times.


Even while the majority of covers boast that they are impermeable or water-resistant, their performance is not always up to par when it comes to dealing with liquids. It’s possible that the materials don’t perform as good a job as they might of keeping water out as they should.

However, one further reason is that the majority of coverings come with slots for seat belts. These cracks will allow liquid to leak through them. Some coverings provide a higher level of protection than others by including flaps or zippers that, when not in use, hide the openings for the seat belts.

Simple to Keep Clean

Check that the seat coverings’ cleaning instructions are followed. There are some that may be washed in the machine and dried in the dryer, while others must be washed using the delicate cycle (and let to air dry), and still, others must be cleaned by hand. If they are washed in a machine or dried in a dryer when they are not designed to be cleaned in such ways, the layers that make the product waterproof and non-slip may sometimes break or peel.

All reliable coverings are equipped with openings for seat belts, allowing you to continue to make use of your pet’s automobile safety restraint even while the cover is in place.

Here are some of the Best jeep seat covers for dog hair:-

1. Kurgo Loft Hammock

This colorful quilted seat cover is reminiscent of a warm winter coat with its puffy design. Because it is orange on one side and brilliant blue on the other, you have the choice of selecting the color that goes best with either your dog or your automobile. A paracord is slipped in between the seats, and the cover is secured in place by attaching it over the headrests. It may be hung like a hammock or used as a bench.

The cover is constructed out of a durable, nylon fabric that is not too slippery and will allow a pet to remain in place while being transported. There are zippered holes that allow for easy access to the seat belts, and if things become too muddy, the protector can be thrown in the washing machine (on the mild cycle).

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Kurgo-Waterproof-Reversible-Hammock-Style/dp/B06XJ6KRXZ

2. Ruffwear’s take on the classic dirtbag look

Ruffwear is a popular brand among active dog owners that like the outdoors. The equipment sold by the firm is known to be tough, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing. This seat cover may be used as either a standard seat bench cover or in the manner of a hammock. In the arrangement without the hammock, the excess cloth folds over to cover the sides and bottom of the seat, and it also lies flat to wrap the bottom of the seat.

The water-resistant fabric has a grippy backing that helps it to maintain its position. It is secured to the vehicle via loops that go around the headrests and connectors that are stuffed in the spaces between the seats. The cover can be washed in a machine and has slots for a seat – belts that can be closed when they are not in use. In addition, there is a little compartment with a zipper where you may put things like snacks and leashes. There is just one size and color option available (gray).

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/RUFFFWEAR-Ruffwear-Dirtbag-Cover-Granite/dp/B079J2GJTB?th=1

3. Car Seat Cover with PetSafe Happy Ride Quilted Bench Design

This beautiful seat cover with a quilted pattern not only looks excellent but also works well. This cover includes watertight zippers where the holes for the seat belts are, in contrast to the majority of covers on the market, which let liquids and hair pass through the openings for the seat belts. When the flaps are completely closed, there is no way for any liquid to leak through. Heavy cotton fabric is used in the construction of the cover, while leather and brass are used for the finishing touches. It is offered in a bench, a hammock, or a bucket shape, and it is available in three different colors. It has elastic straps that go over the cushions, seat anchors, and a backing that won’t slide, so it won’t move about. In addition, there are elasticized strips on the sides, which prevent the harness from slipping even while your dog is moving about. The whole of it can be cleaned in a washing machine, and reviewers are pleased that it is indeed waterproof.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/PetSafe-Solvit-Premium-Bench-Cover/dp/B01LCJAU3Y

4. Hammock-style dog seat cover designed by 4Knines

This durable and fashionable car seat cover has many layers, one of which is a waterproof and non-stick backing. It is quite popular. It is constructed out of colorfast materials, ensuring that the dye will not transfer into your seat. The cover is installed using anchors that slide between the seats and belts that clasp around the head. It is designed to look like a hammock. In addition to that, it has padding and is offered in a choice of two sizes and three hues.

The components do not include metal ions or AZO dyes, which are synthetic chemicals; also, the cover can be easily cleaned by wiping it down or washing it in the machine. Although it is stated that the hammock is waterproof, there have been reports from some customers that they have had problems with liquids seeping through the cloth or the holes for seatbelts.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/4Knines-Seat-Cover-Hammock-Trucks/dp/B00DQFZGZ0?th=1

5. Kurgo Dog Hammock

When you have more passengers in the rear seat, in addition to your dog, this hammock for a half seat is an excellent choice. This way, your passenger won’t have to sit on a cover, but your dog will still be able to use a portion of the seat. Your dog, and any hair from your dog, won’t be able to get onto the front seat thanks to the hammock. In order to protect the side of the seat, there is a flap that zips up and has slots for the seat belts.

The protector is resistant to water and stains but must be hand cleaned or spot cleaned to maintain its effectiveness. On the interior of the dog carrier, there are 2 pockets that may be used to hold a variety of small goods.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Kurgo-Wander-Hammock-Style-Cover/dp/B01MU7O40P

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